These days, it’s typical to find any number of friends who have built an extensive playlist thanks to iTunes, or other people who stream music like it’s water. So, a lot of people – even those planning their own wedding – assume that it’s a great way to save money by hooking an iPad to a couple speakers from a friend and party on.

For important events though, such as a wedding reception, it’s important to remember why hiring a professional DJ is so significant to the success of your event and the memories people have of their experience there.



3 big reasons to hire a Professional DJ for your special event

Extensive Experience

A reliable, professional DJ has a long resume of performing and leading events. An expert DJ will be comfortable speaking and performing in front of groups of all sizes and ages. He or she will have dealt with a variety of things, including typical problems which can happen at events, and he/she won’t be rattled by last minute adjustments, challenges or requests.

Appropriate Equipment

An expert DJ will understand your venue and what it will take to make the most of the space when it comes to music. That means letting it be heard, as well as making sure it doesn’t blow any eardrums. An experienced DJ will be certain to have a wireless microphone for use during announcements, speeches and other visitor-involved crowd interactions.


A DJ’s comfortable, professional leadership can take pressure off others to make announcements and guide the rhythm of the event. A professional DJ also has the power and knowledge to add personality and unique elements to your event, as well as read the crowd and adjust accordingly. All a pre-recorded iTunes playlist will do is play music. A professional DJ brings added value which can’t be denied.

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